We Built the World's Biggest Trampoline: The Goliath

Unveiling the New Era of BIG Trampolines

At Crazy Ape, we've always been pioneers in pushing the limits of trampoline size and performance. The Goliath, our biggest trampoline model, has been a leader in the market since its debut in 2006. We are excited to introduce the newly redesigned Goliath, a marvel in the world of trampolines, measuring an expansive 16ft x 24ft. Here's everything you need to know about the world's biggest trampoline and why it's the ultimate choice for trampoline lovers and families alike.

Blue Big Trampoline

The Evolution of The Goliath

Our Legacy Goliath

The original Goliath was a hit for its size and unique octagon shape, which provided a massive jumping area with the classic green and blue pads. However, its octagon shape also limited to perfomance and fit awkwardly in most yards. Our commitment to innovation and user feedback has led us to redesign the Goliath into a full rectangular shape, maximizing the usable jump surface and enhancing the bounce.  We also looked to improve the aesthetics with a sleeker design and colour pallet that fits beautifully into any backyard.

What’s New with The Goliath?

Larger Jumping Surface: The new Goliath offers a true 16'x24' rectangular jump area, providing more space for freedom in every bounce.

In-Ground Installation Options: Adapt the trampoline to your backyard with options for both freestanding or in-ground setups.

Enhanced Safety and Durability: Equipped with thicker, high-quality padding and a more robust enclosure, the Goliath is much safer than its former model and most of the other trampoline available.

Versatile Color Options: Move beyond the classic green and blue with a wide range of colour options to personalize your trampoline.

Simplified Assembly: Our new fastenerless design allows for quicker and easier setup, letting you get to jumping sooner with less hastle.

Why Trampoline Size Matters

The Goliath is not just big; it's the world's biggest commercially available trampoline. While there have been larger trampolines used in circus acts and by YouTube personalities, none of those trampolines are available for public purchase. The Goliath's massive size makes it perfect for a variety of uses:

Movement Activities: Ideal for gymnastics, tumbling, and aerial tricks.

Rebound Therapy: Offers a forgiving and less intimidating space for anxious jumpers or those with special needs.

Family Fun: Ample space for the whole family to enjoy together, safely.


Proudly Made in North America

As the official creators The Worlds Biggest Trampoline and the First Backyard Trampoline Park, Crazy Ape is proud to design and manufacture these huge trampolines right here in North America. Our trampolines have made their way across the continent, finding homes small towns, massive cities and even in the yards of social media influencers like Jon Call and Tanner Braungardt.

Make the Jump to Crazy Ape

The Goliath by Crazy Ape isn’t just a trampoline; it’s a statement. It's a commitment to quality, safety, and endless fun. Whether you’re upgrading from the legacy model or investing in your family’s first trampoline, The Goliath is designed to impress and built to last.

Explore The Goliath today and see why it’s the best investment for your backyard adventure, if your backyard is big enough ;)

Don't just take our word for it; experience the difference yourself!

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