Herbert Industries was established in the late 1970s in Herbert, Saskatchewan. This pioneering company marked the beginning of the trampoline manufacturing industry in the region. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Herbert Industries focused on creating durable, family-friendly trampolines. The company leveraged local craftsmanship and resources, embodying the community's spirit and setting a high standard for future manufacturers in the industry.


“Family involvement was a highlight. Important that it was not me, it was me and the kids. That made it meaningful for me.”
-John Bergen, Founder Of Canuck Trampoline

John Bergen and his family started Herbert Industries in approximately 1977, when he bought the abandoned Beaver Lumber store in Herbert, Saskatchewan. They had a trampoline in their backyard from a previous vacation to British Columbia and the kids never tired of it. Trampolines weren't available in Saskatchewan back then so they had the market to themselves and got to work! Pictured is John Bergen in 1994, on a Canuck Trampoline with this grand children.

John with grandsons, 1994

The Process

Trampolines were originally constructed at Herbert Industries using stick welders, a manual pipe bender, a band saw and a good industrial sewing machine. John's brother Peter owned Bergen Industries - also in Herbert, Saskatchewan, and Peter made many of the machines that later streamlined fabrication. These included an offset sprocket machine to create wiggle wire for spring connections and depending who you ask even a 2" pipe roller to form round trampoline frames. John and his wife Martha took a trip to the southern US to look at material. They found polypropylene suppliers in Georgia and bought most of their pipe from large suppliers in Regina and Saskatoon.

The Beginning

Herbert Industries started with rectangular trampolines with several different sizes and eventually a round was added, before it was quickly changed to an octagon shaped trampoline. John and his team of family and workers from the local community were constantly making adjustments to perfect their product.

Herbert IndustriesCanuck Trampolines
Early trampoline concept

Word Of Mouth

Every summer the team spent many days and weekends at local and regional fairs. Often they found dealers through these events. They displayed at every event in Saskatchewan that would take them, including Agribition, rec shows and even parades! John's son Wes occasionally jumped on one of their trampolines while it was towed on a hay wagon in a parade! They found word of mouth always ended up being their best selling method.

Carrying on a legacy

Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment proudly carries forward the legacy of Herbert Industries and Canuck Trampoline, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovations to ensure the highest quality and durability in trampolines. Embracing the pioneering spirit of Saskatchewan's trampoline history, Crazy Ape continues to push the boundaries of design and performance, offering products that are not only a nod to the past but also a leap into the future. For more on Saskatchewan's rich trampoline history.

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Crazy Ape Heritage

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