We Are Built Different

We are a youthful, innovative, & growing manufacturing company located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies

Our trampolines are designed and manufactured from the ground up to meet a higher standard of quality. We are built different.

Our Frames

Our one of a kind, locally manufactured, modular frame design allows us to fit in almost any backyard. Unlike other manufacturers, we don't put holes in our frames. Instead, we attach springs to triangular mounting hooks that are welded on the inside edge of the frame. This creates a rock solid mounting point for the springs, without sacrificing the integrity of the frame. 

Our Beds

Our trampoline beds are made out of durable polypropylene fabric; the same material trusted by gymnastic training centres, trampoline parks and professional athletes around the world. Our fabric is sourced from North America’s top quality supplier, so it's the best of the best. To keep everything together, we use airplane grade 2" nylon seat belt webbing and Canadian made galvanized triangles. 

Our Pads

Our pads are overbuilt with your safety in mind. Our high impact foam is wrapped in heavy duty vinyl for unmatched impact absorption and durability. At nearly 2” thick, these pads can handle just about anything that lands on them. These 15” wide pads fully conceal the springs even when you jump near the edge of the surface. 

Our Springs

Made with quality and durability in mind, our springs are guaranteed to last up to 10 years against breakage. With a variety of sizes and tension, we are able to cater the perfect bounce for you. Our springs are manufactured right here in Canada using Canadian milled steel. We have also made it extremely simple to upgrade your springs at any time if you are looking for that extra boost!

Our Enclosures

Existing enclosures on big box store trampolines commonly fail when someone hits them, or they disintegrate in the sun after only a year or two. Using the highest-quality North-American materials, we successfully developed and built a premium enclosure that matches the caliber of our trampolines. These commercial grade nets will keep you safe through years of use in any climate.


Our premium products are made to order in Canada by our highly skilled team

5 Year warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our detailed 5 year product warranty plan

Built To Last

Our long lasting designs are made using durable and high-end materials