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Premium Quality

Looking for high-quality, safe, trampolines that complement your beautiful backyard? Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment has you covered.

Detailed Warranty

Worried about wear & tear? All products covered from damage for 2 years under our incidental warranty program called "CrazyCare" in addition to our extensive 5 year warranty.

Free North-American DELIVERY

Are you located in North America?
We will ship your Crazy Ape Trampoline to most communities directly, free of charge.

Benefits of Collaborating With Crazy Ape

Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment is thrilled to launch our Influencer Program, specially designed for social media influencers, content creators, athletes, and more. This program is loaded with perks to help you elevate your brand and engage your community. Enjoy exclusive discounts, and a custom affiliate code to earn commissions, all while promoting safety, fun, and innovation with our top-notch trampolines and crash pads. Join us in spreading the joy of quality, safety, and excitement with Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment.


As a member of our influencer program, you'll enjoy a 5% discount on all Crazy Ape trampolines. This offer allows you to access top-of-the-line equipment at a reduced price, ensuring you always have the best gear to showcase to your followers.

Custom Affiliate Code

Each collaborator will receive a personalized affiliate code. Share this code with your audience to help them save on their purchases while you earn a commission. This unique code tracks your referrals and ensures you get credit for every sale.

Earn Commission

Earn 5% on all sales made through your affiliate code. This commission is our way of saying thank you for helping spread the word about Crazy Ape's high-quality products. The more you promote, the more you earn.

How to Get Started:

Step 1:
Apply to the Program

Press the button below and fill out the application form.
Tell us about yourself, your audience, and why you want to partner with Crazy Ape.

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Step 2:
Receive Your Custom Affiliate Code

Once approved, you’ll receive your personalized affiliate code.
Use this code to start earning commissions on every sale made through your referrals.

Step 3:
Start Promoting

Share your affiliate code with your audience through social media posts, videos, blog articles, and more. Highlight the unique features and benefits of Crazy Ape products to encourage your followers to make a purchase.

Step 4:
Track Your Earnings

Monitor your sales and earnings through our affiliate portal.
Stay updated on your performance and receive timely payments for your efforts.


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Why Partner With Crazy Ape?

Safety and Quality:

Crazy Ape is a leader in the trampoline industry, known for setting international safety standards. Our products are designed to offer maximum safety and durability, making them ideal for influencers who prioritize quality and reliability.

Innovation and Performance:

Our trampolines and crash pads are built with the latest technology to provide superior performance. Whether you're showcasing new tricks or hosting events at your gymnastics centre, our equipment is designed to enhance your content and training sessions.

Community and Support:

By joining our program, you become part of a vibrant community of athletes, influencers, and gymnastics centres. We offer ongoing support, exclusive content, and collaboration opportunities to help you succeed.

Join Us Today

Ready to take your influence to the next level? Join the Crazy Ape Influencer Program and start earning while promoting the best in trampoline and crash pad technology. Together, we can inspire more people to embrace an active, fun, and safe lifestyle.


Our premium products are made to order in Canada by our highly skilled team

5 Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our detailed 5 year product warranty plan

Built To Last

Our long lasting designs are made using durable and high-end materials