APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
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APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
APEX MultiTramp Court - Crazy Ape Extreme Equipment
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APEX MultiTramp Court Trampoline

  • Product shown without enclosure and in our miami colourway.


  • Product Dimensions: 29'11.5"W x 16'10"L
    Product Height: 3'5"

    Single-User Weight Limit: 800 lb


Safe Multi-User Experience: Our APEX MultiTramp Court is our craziest creation yet. It consists of two full-size rectangular beds with two smaller-scale square beds set in between, allowing for up to 4 users to jump simultaneously without the risk of double bouncing, reducing the chance of injuries.

In-Ground Installation Options: Available in both a freestanding configuration or a permanent in-ground setup, catering to different backyard needs and preferences.

    A Trampoline Park At Home: Brings the thrill of a commercial Trampoline Park right into your backyard, ensuring endless fun for family and friends.
      Advanced Safety Features: Includes premium, 2” thick safety pads wrapped in commercial-grade 18oz vinyl for year-round use and commercial-grade spring shields that completely cover the trampoline springs for enhanced safety.
        Quick and Easy Assembly: Leveraging a hardware-free and fastenerless design for assembly by 2-3 people within an hour, making setup hassle-free.
          Durable Construction: Built by combining the best design characteristics of our adventure parks and premium backyard trampolines, ensuring your APEX MultiTramp lasts generations.

            Customizable Colorways: Our trampolines can be personalized to your choice of color with our wide range of vinyl and cordura options.  

            Premium Safety Enclosure: Opt-in for enhanced safety with our heavy-duty enclosure system. Ensure peace of mind during every use with our UV stabilized no-hold enclosure netting and heavy-duty, padded steel poles.

            Multitramp Kids Jumping.jpg__PID:1de4c7dc-93f5-453b-9533-0e78eae95e14
            MultiTramp Flip.jpg__PID:cd1de4c7-dc93-4555-bbd5-330e78eae95e
            MultiTramp Enclosure.jpg__PID:86cd1de4-c7dc-43f5-953b-d5330e78eae9

            Built To Last

            APEX MultiTramp Court Trampoline

            • Introducing: The MultiTramp Court! We've taken our decades of knowledge and experience and applied it to our backyard trampolines to create one of our craziest products yet! Bring the excitement of a commercial Trampoline Park into your backyard! Available in a free standing portable or permanent in-ground configuration. Double bouncing is one of the leading causes of trampoline injuries and its agonizing to wait your turn to get in on the fun. This backyard trampoline park features two full size rectangular beds and two small scale square beds, allowing up to four users to jump at the same time, without the risk of double bouncing!

            Performance Jump Surface

            Crafted in-house, our jump surfaces boast the same high-quality custom-made polypropylene fabric as those used in North American gymnastics training centers, trampoline parks, and by professional performers. Each jump surface is carefully manufactured by hand with great attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

            Jump Surface Specifications
            • We source our polypropylene fabric from the top manufacturer in the USA and ensure it meets the stringent ASTM F2970 standards for commercial trampoline park use. In fact, our team helped develop the standard.
            • We use Canadian-made galvanized triangles made from strong Canadian steel for spring attachment which are connected with 2" nylon seat belt webbing.
            • All components are stitched with premium polyester thread imported from the United Kingdom to reinforce the perimeter around the jumping surface.
            • To ensure maximum durability, we use 10 rows of UV-stabilized stitching on the perimeter.

            Premium Springs

            Made with quality and durability in mind, our springs are guaranteed to last up to 10 years against breakage. With a variety of sizes and tension, we are able to cater the perfect bounce for you. Our springs are manufactured right here in Canada using Canadian milled steel. We have also made it extremely simple to upgrade your springs at any time if you are looking for that extra boost!

            HEAVY DUTY FRAME

            A trampoline frame plays a crucial role in a trampoline's performance, dispersing energy into the springs, and resisting the force that draws it inward. Under-built or multi-sectioned frames can sag and flex, leading to decreased performance. To avoid this, we use 2"x4" 10 gauge structural tubing with Gatorshield® galvanized coating and do not put holes in the frame for spring hook up. With over 40 years of field testing, our frames have demonstrated their durability and reliability, and can be assembled in just a few minutes without any tools.

            SAFETY PADS

            • Our pads are unmatched in terms of thickness and quality of composition. With our dense, high impact foam at the core, wrapped in our heavy duty vinyl, you have safety pads almost 2” thick
            • Our 1.7# foam lasts longer & keeps you safer as it does not lose integrity when jumped on or fallen into.
            • Because of the foam’s closed-cell construction, it is highly resistant to moisture, rot and mildew
            • All pads are vented and utilize 3 different methods of attaching to frame. If properly installed, our pads will not blow away from the frame and will remain tightly in place even if fallen into
            • 15” wide padding fully covers 9″ springs keeping them concealed, even when jumping near the edge of the surface.
            • All pads feature user-replaceable covers, so if one is damaged, or your just want a fresh colour, we can ship you new ones in a small box

            HD Enclosure

            Our HD Enclosure system is designed to match our trampolines' high quality, and addresses customers' concerns about inadequate enclosures from big box stores. It features UV stabilized, no-hold netting and is trimmed in Canadian all-weather vinyl, while being secured with heavy-duty 1" polypropylene straps and German spur grommets. The enclosure is supported by 8 heavy-duty steel poles wrapped in thick closed-cell foam and premium commercial-grade vinyl, secured to the trampoline frame with Texas-made heavy-duty panel clamps.

            FRAME GRAB_1.34.1.jpg__PID:dbc86c50-f41e-4e2b-b295-da4c77f34868

            Trampoline Tuning Options

            The performance of a trampoline is influenced by a variety of factors such as its shape, airflow, material weights, and the biometrics of the user. After designing custom trampolines for hundreds of individuals, our team has narrowed down the tuning options to four common options: Classic, Childhood, Performance, and Crazy.

            Classic Tune

            Our Classic Tune has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years of trampoline manufacturing. The tune utilizes durable 9" springs made from the same wire in the same facility for four decades. This option is suitable for users of almost all ages and skill levels and exceeds the performance of any mass-produced trampoline available in big box stores. The Classic Tune has proven its durability, with many trampolines still using the original springs after more than a decade of household use.

            Childhood Tune

            As kids grow, their physical abilities change rapidly. Our Childhood Tune is designed for younger, generally lighter trampoline users, allowing them to jump effortlessly without working against the trampoline. The Childhood Tune is adaptable as the children grow older, but it is recommended for jumpers weighing up to 200 pounds. Jumpers exceeding this weight limit may damage the springs if they jump heavily near the edge of the jump surface.

            Performance Tune

            Experienced athletes and larger individuals expect high-performance equipment. Our experience producing commercial-grade trampoline parks has led us to develop the Performance Tune. With trampoline park grade high-performance springs and a performance jump surface, this tune is ideal for those seeking exceptional performance and durability. Whether you are a football player looking for a trampoline you can lean into or a gymnast wanting to train at home, our Performance Tune delivers the performance you expect.

            CRAZY Tune

            The CRAZY Tune unleashes unparalleled performance in a backyard trampoline. Combining 40 years of manufacturing experience with modern super trampoline technology has resulted in a conventional backyard trampoline with the power and responsiveness of an Olympic trampoline. The CRAZY Tune features a black polypropylene jump surface that requires no additional maintenance or covering when not in use.  Equipped with legs that put the trampoline several inches higher than typical, the CRAZY Tune is ideal for professional athletes seeking top-level performance. This tune is not intended for general family use.


            Our premium products are made to order in Canada by our highly skilled team

            5 Year warranty

            Enjoy peace of mind with our detailed 5 year product warranty plan

            Built To Last

            Our long lasting designs are made using durable and high-end materials